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Start of Summer Sale

Black Friday Sale, November 24th-26th!

This Black Friday, if you are looking to get the jump on your holiday shopping and avoid the gridlocked parking and stampeding crowds at the mall, look no further – Hangar 18 has got you covered. With deals on everything from memberships and gift certificates, to shoes and harnesses, to trad gear and belay devices, to backpacks and outdoor clothing, we are a one-day, one-stop shop for your holiday wishlist.

$15 for a One-Month Membership!

$9 for a One-Month Membership!

A month of climbing for under ten bucks! Unlimited climbing and fitness classes, free belay lessons and guest passes, no long-term commitment, and eight amazing gyms to hit up. Get ’em while they are hot! This deal is offered for new and returning members only.

$15 for a One-Month Membership!

$79 for a Three-Month Membership!

At an average rate of just over $26/month, this is a steal of a deal. This package is a great gift for the active climbers in your life for the holiday season, or a great way to save some cash around the holidays by picking up one for yourself. This deal is available for everyone, and can be purchased online or in person, and is available for personal use or as a gift certificate.

$15 for a One-Month Membership!

$299 One-Year Membership!

This deal is HUGE! Going once a week, this means that this deal could save you up upwards of $500. Don’t miss out! This package is available for everyone, and can be purchased in-store, online, or by phone for either personal use or as a gift certificate.

$15 for a One-Month Membership!

20% Off all Retail Gear!

Whether you are looking to get new shoes, harness, backpack, rope, headlamp, cams, crash pad, or pretty much anything else, we have got you covered (although there will be a slight delay if we are either out of stock or have to special order the gear you are looking for). Participating brands include: Mad Rock, Sterling Rope, Black Diamond, Mammut, Five Ten, Petzl, Metolius, Evolv, and more!

Buy online and skip the crowds!

Do you want to take advantage of these awesome deals, but you don’t want the hassle of dealing with holiday crowds? Not to worry! You can purchase any of our available options by clicking the links below. 

Purchase a new membership or membership extension online. Please select the gym location nearest you (don’t worry, the membership will still be valid at all Hangar 18 locations!), and complete the prompts. Once again, the $9 membership deal is offered exclusively to new and returning (not current) members.

Purchase a gift certificate online.

Click the link below to access our online gift certificate system. This system is offered for the three month and one year options only,

Student Pricing for Everyone!

Student Pricing for Everyone!

For a limited time, Hangar 18 will be offering our discounted $36/month student price to all new members, whether you have a student ID or not, and you will keep this price as long as you keep the membership. As always, our memberships have no initiation costs, no cancellation costs, and no minimum term to the contract, so you can keep it for as long or short a time as you want and know that you are getting the absolute most climbing for your money in Southern California.



Most things in life are more fun when you share them with friends, and climbing is definitely on that list. We are making this easier than ever by offering Two-for-Tuesdays, where all day passes, rental gear, intro passes, and one-month memberships (for new or returning members only) are 2-for-1. This means that if you sign up for a day, an intro package, or even a month, you can get a friend the same thing for free- just mention the 2fer deal at the front desk and our staff will set you up.

Family Night Deals

Family Night at Hangar 18

Climbing is an awesome family activity, since it is a sport that kids and adults can participate in together to build trust, get some great exercise, and just generally have a great time sharing an adventure together. Climbing families tend to be happy families, so we are helping out by starting our monthly Family Night program at the gym, which will be on the first Thursday of every month from 4pm to close at all Hangar 18 locations. With this program, we are offering $5 day passes for any kids 10 and under, and 50% discounts on day passes,intro classes, or your first month of membership for families of three or more. Family friends are welcome (parents can fill out a waiver online if they are not joining in on the fun at the gym), and we look forward to seeing you in here!

Youth Membership Discounts

Youth Membership Discounts

With so many kids looking to climb these days, why stop our discounts at college students? Hangar 18 is happy to announce our new youth memberships, where we are dropping the monthly membership prices for kids 17 and under down to just $36/month. Just like the college memberships, these are full unrestricted memberships that have no long-term contracts, and have all of the awesome perks of a standard Hangar 18 Membership, just for a fraction of the cost. Once again, this is a limited time offer, so if you are a kid who wants to get into climbing, or you have kids that would love getting in on this great deal, there has never been a better time to get into the sport.

Police, Firefighter and Military Discounts

Police/Fire/Military Discounts

Up to 44% off of standard membership pricing. Hangar 18 is saying thank you to the men and women who help to keep the rest of us safe by unveiling our new police/fire/military discounts. For a limited time, anyone with ID for any of these groups can sign up for just $36/month, which is up to 44% off of our standard monthly rate. This membership is on a month-to-month basis, with no long-term contracts or commitments, no blackout dates, and no initiation or cancellation fees. This means that you still get the unlimited climbing, all of the safety classes on belaying and lead climbing, and your rate will stay at the low rate of $36/month each month for as long as you want to keep the membership. We are opening up this discount to not only people who are currently police, firefighters, or military, but also to veterans and immediate family members (spouses and children), so swing by with the whole crew and give it a shot- there has never been a more affordable time to get into the best sport in the world. If you have any questions, please give us a call at any of our locations, and we will be happy to help you out.

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For any inquiries regarding membership status, updating payment information, or freezing/cancelling an account, please click here. All changes must be submitted 5 days prior to billing, which is done for all customers on the first of each month.

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