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Hangar 18 Upland is the original site of the first Hangar 18 – the gym where it all began. This site has seen quite a few upgrades over the years, and now boasts over 12,000 square feet of textured climbing surface, including top-rope, multiple bouldering areas, and lead routes up to seventy feet long.

Lead Walls, Top-Roping


Perfect for climbers of all ages and abilities, from beginner to pro. Bring a friend, and we will teach you how to belay any time.



The fastest way to get in amazing climbing shape. Bouldering is climbing over our crash pad system, and is an awesome and exciting way to get an amazing workout.

Lead Walls, Top-Roping

Lead Climbing

Awesome routes for advanced climbers. Our facilities are a fantastic place to hone your sport climbing skills, on a variety of angles and difficulties.

Yoga, Fitness, Weight and Strength Training

Yoga & Fitness

Looking to expand your workout? Check out our schedule to see the range of free yoga and fitness classes available at this facility to members.

Group Events, Birthday Parties, Scout, Office and Church Events, Team Building Events

Group Events

Our Group Event packages are perfect for anything from a birthday party to a corporate team-builder. Make your next event a hit at Hangar 18!

Hangar 18 Indoor Climbing Gyms

Calendar & Events

April 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Youth Team Practice
  • Yoga w/ Diedra
  • Lead Class (1 of 4)
  • Yoga w/ Tyler
  • Family Night at Hangar 18
  • Youth Team Practice
  • Youth Team Practice
  • Yoga w/ Diedra
  • Youth Team Practice
  • Lead Class (2 of 4)
  • Yoga w/ Tyler
  • Youth Team Practice
  • Yoga w/ Diedra
  • Youth Team Practice
  • Yoga w/ Tyler
  • Youth Team Practice
  • Yoga w/ Diedra
  • Youth Team Practice
  • Lead Class (4 of 4)
  • Yoga w/ Tyler

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Our Friendly Staff

Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton

Chief Operations Officer

Dave has been a lifelong climber, starting out on trips at the age of three with his parents in New Hampshire, and continuing on today with his wife and their kids in Southern California. "Climbing is an amazing sport, for so many different reasons," says Hamilton. "There are few other things that can add such a feeling of adventure and community to your life, and the positivity and happiness that climbing brings to people around the world really makes me feel fortunate to be a part of the climbing community, and introduce others to it as well." A trad climber at heart, Dave is a fan of multi-pitch and alpine climbing, but sport climbs and boulders as well.

Sonia Anriamiarisoa

Sonia Anriamiarisoa


My name is Sonia, but my best friends call me Sonia. I enjoy long walks to the fridge and long, intimate phone calls with Pizza Hut. Before I was a setter, I spent most of my free time talking about what a great setter I would be. I'm still waiting to hear back from potential sponsors. I'm sure they lost my contact info, since I've been setting for more than two years now and haven't heard anything. I graduated from UCR with a degree in film. After four years of a vigorous curriculum and intense academic competition, I can say with confidence that I'm really good at watching films. I love feedback so please come tell me what you think of my rock climbs. If you love them, please tell me potential sponsors to contact me 🙂

Brad Still

Brad Still

Regional Manager

Brad has been climbing since 1999 when a friend dragged him into a local climbing gym in San Francisco. Cutting his teeth on a youth sport climbing team he quickly moved on to Trad climbing the granite towers around Lake Tahoe and the big walls of the Yosemite Valley. Upon moving to southern California to study at Cal Poly Pomona in 2005 he began his career at Hangar 18. For the last 11 years Brad has been helping climbers develop their skills at Hangar 18 as well as continuing to push his own limits bouldering throughout the western US with his wife and their daughter. When not on the wall or exploring with the family, Brad spends as much of his time outdoors, hunting and fly fishing his way around the west.

Mason Delapp

Mason Delapp

Setter/Assistant to the Assistant of the Regional Manager

When Mason isn't in the gym, you can probably find him outside somewhere, climbing, cycling or backpacking. He makes his way from Hangar to Hangar setting and working the desk. Sometimes you may even find him holding puppies behind the desk, although it's a sight to see, it's very rare.

Hangar 18 Upland

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