Hangar 18 Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

Hangar 18 Gyms Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice

Starting on March 16 Hangar 18 will temporarily close all locations in response to COVID-19.

Hangar 18 Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

COVID-19 Member Update


To our valued members:

Hangar 18 is a locally owned business employing people from the local area; they, along with our members (you!) are the community that helped build these gyms. As a member, you directly affect our ability to continue to pay our employees and our normal operating expenses. We are currently paying all employees their regular wages despite the gym closures, and we hope to continue to do this for as long as the gyms remain closed. All dues collected will be used to pay employees first, and then cover operating costs so that all the gyms will be ready for use as soon as we open.

We ask those of you who are financially able, to stick with us in these difficult times. We understand that this may not be an option for all of you. If you are unable to help support us during this time, do not worry, all members who do not complete this form will have their memberships automatically frozen for the month of May.

Since we are not going to be able to reopen on May 1st as initially hoped, we are currently asking all members who are able to select an option on this form HERE to let us know how you would like to proceed with your membership. All memberships, regardless of the option chosen (see a description of the options below), will receive a credit on their account of prorated dues to cover the time we were closed in March. This credit will be applied to your monthly dues when regular billing resumes after the gyms reopen.

All prepaid membership have automatically been put on a freeze beginning March 16th, and you may resume your membership on your first visit back to the facility. No further action is necessary for our prepaid members.

  1. Remain Active With Full Monthly Dues (your normal monthly rate)
    Choosing to maintain your membership will directly improve our ability to continue paying our staff during these times. We would like to pay our staff their regular wages as long as we can, in order to do so, we ask for the support of those that are financially able to contribute.
  2. Remain Active With Prorated Monthly Dues (Discounted dues to reflect the days we were closed during March)
    Choosing to remain active and pay the prorated dues for the month of May. The credit we have applied to all accounts will be placed towards your normal monthly dues, so you will be paying partial dues for May and not the standard rate.
  3. Remain Active With Other Dues Amount (We are grateful for any amount you can provide)
    Any and all dues that are collected will go directly to paying our staff, therefore, any support you can provide is greatly appreciated.

As a way for us to thank you for your continual support during these times; all members that choose to opt-in to any of the above choices will receive an additional 15% off retail gear, for a total of 25% off retail gear for the month of May (including special orders).

The options on the form will be in effect for May only. If we can reopen during May, all members who use this form to voluntarily pay dues (including any amount in the Other Amount section of this form) will have an active membership starting the day we open. All other members can come in upon our reopening and unfreeze for a prorated amount. The prorated credit from the days we were closed in March will then be applied to their regular May dues.

We appreciate all of your love and support during these uncertain times and thank you all for being part of the Hangar 18 family. We wish you and your families all the best and hope to see you again soon.

– Your Friends at Hangar 18

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